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Sound Candy

::About Sound Candy

Sound Park
Three type of sound candy

Sound Candy is a device with which anyone in the world can create his/her own playground anywhere of using sound and movements around him/her.In our daily life, we are surrounded by the "Kings of Entertainment" such as theme parks and home video game machines. However, without such entertainment, we must be able to create a new "Playground" by using ordinary stones and wood sticks around us. Sound Candy is designed that people repossess the experience of creating "The new play" with their own hand.In its small body, Sound Candy can be attached to any part of our body and almost objects, Sound Candy has two functions as follows. First, it has a recording function. Second, it has a function to integrate the recorded sounds and the signals from the sensors, such as vibration or acceleration caused from variety of movements. So users attach Sound Candy to their body or objects, and can convert the recorded sounds in various ways by selecting a play mode from four play modes; Angle Mode. Vibration Mode, Speed Mode and Rotation Mode.


[Sep. 18.2009]エンターテイメントコンピューティグ2009で発表しました。

[July. 7.2009]7月7日に放送されたワールドビジネスサテライトにてサウンドキャンディが紹介されました。
Sound Candy was introduced on a TV program “World Business Satellite" of TV Tokyo.

[Aug. 11.2008]Siggraph2008のポスターセッションに出店しました。

[Aug. 8.2008]6月27日に行われた寺子屋クスールにサウンドキャンディが出演しました。

[Apr. 6.2008]デンマークのオーフスで4月4日から6日にかけて行われたInnovation Lab NEXT no.5にサウンドキャンディを出展しました。
Sound Candy was exhibited at Innovation Lab NEXT no.5 from April 4th to 6th in Aarhus, Denmark.

[Dec. 6.2007]サウンドキャンディが第11回文化庁メディア芸術祭 エンターテインメント部門「審査委員会推薦作品」に選ばれました。
Sound Candy was chosen as Jury Recommend Works for Japan Media Arts Festival.

[Nov. 20, 2007]12月7日から11日にかけて行われるアートイベント、デジタルアートフェスティバル東京2007にサウンドキャンディを出展します。
We will attend a Digital Art Festival Tokyo 2007 from November 7th to 11th.

[Nov. 20, 2007] サウンドキャンディがNHK BS2で放送中のテレビ番組"デジタルスタジアム"で紹介されます。
BS2 2007年 11/22(木)24:00- (BShi 11/25(日)23:00-)の放送です。
Sound Candy will be introduced on a TV program “Digital Stadium" of NHK BS2.
It is broadcast at 12pm, November 22nd on NHK BS2 and 11pm, November 25th on NHK BShi.
 放送された映像がごらんになれます。>> デジタル・スタジアム2007年11月22日放送
 You can see the video broadcast on TV.>> Digital Studium broadcast on November 22nd, 2007.

[Nov. 20, 2007]11月22日、23日に行われるSFC Open Research Forum 2007にサウンドキャンディを出展します。
We will attend a SFC Open Research Forum 2007 on November 29th and 30th.

[Sept. 27, 2007] We will attend a Interactive Tokyo 2007 on September 29 and 30.

[June 1, 2007] We will attend a Workshop Collection 2007 on June 30 and July 1.

[Mar. 22, 2007] Sound Candy was accepted by ACM ACE2007 Demo.

[Apr. 8, 2007] Sound Candy was elected to nominee for Laval Virtual awards 2007.


>> 音が動作で変わる玩具(2009年7月7日放送)
You can see the video broadcast on TV.
>> World Business Satellite (broadcast on July 7th, 2009.

>> デジタル・スタジアム2007年11月22日放送
You can see the video broadcast on TV.
>> Digital Studium broadcast on November 22nd, 2007.

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::About Us

Shuichi Ishibashi (石橋秀一) :
KMD:Graduate School of Media Design, Keio. Okude Lab.

Daisuke Uriu (瓜生大輔) : uriu[at]
KMD:Graduate School of Media Design, Keio. Okude Lab.

Professor Naohito Okude (奥出直人教授)
KMD:Graduate School of Media Design, Keio. Okude Lab.

This project is granted by CREST., JST.

Sound Candyは、Ubiquitous Content Projectで開発されているラピッドプロトタイピング環境「xtel」を用いて作られています。

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Shuichi Ishibashi (石橋秀一) :



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